Everything Your Wedding Party Needs to Know About the Wedding Day

We all love our friends and family who take the time to be with us on our wedding day, but let’s be real.. sometimes they can add some extra stress! Just like the holidays, weddings brings everyone together, which can mean a lot of different dynamics to navigate. Here is everything you need to let your wedding party and family know before the wedding day so everyone can sit back and enjoy the day!

1. Wedding Schedule

This one may seem obvious, but a detailed schedule tailored for your wedding party and family will help to answer so many questions that you would have had to be answering! Other than the general arrival/start times and photography schedules, here are some other things that are helpful to include on the schedule: if there will be transportation to/from ceremony and reception, if food and drinks will be provided while getting ready/pictures, where they can leave their personal belongings during the ceremony, and lastly, make sure to include a point of contact for the wedding day other than yourself who will be able to answer questions- like your wedding planner!

2. Plus ones

If you have ever been a plus one for someone who is in the wedding party, you will be with me on this! It is courteous and so helpful to include information for your friends and family’s plus ones. Let them know if they are able to ride with their dates on the provided transportation, if they will be sitting at the head table or a separate guest table, etc.

3. Vendors

Because your friends and family love you, they will do anything they can to help you on your wedding day. However, they sometimes do more than what you need and start to take over your vendors roles. Let your friends and families know that you just want them to enjoy themselves and have fun! You have hired vendors you trust to do their job, so you don’t need your aunt stepping into the aisle to iphone photos or your maid of honor rearranging the table settings. This can sometimes be an awkward conversation to have with your loved ones, but it makes a huge difference in making sure everything runs smoothly!