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Everything Your Wedding Party Needs to Know About the Wedding Day

We all love our friends and family who take the time to be with us on our wedding day, but let’s be real.. sometimes they can add some extra stress! Just like the holidays, weddings brings everyone together, which can mean a lot of different dynamics to navigate. Here is everything you need to let your wedding party and family know before the wedding day so everyone can sit back and enjoy the day!

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Wedding Vocabulary 101: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Wedding Lingo

When you start to plan a wedding, you will quickly learn that the wedding industry is truly a different world! And in this different world, we speak our own language- one that is foreign to those who have never planned a wedding before! So to make things easier, here is a quick vocabulary lesson on all the wedding lingo you will hear and what it all means!

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The Best Podcasts To Get You Through Wedding Planning

Let’s face it, as fun as planning a wedding can be, there are definitely some times it feels more tedious than exciting. Hours of stuffing and sealing envelopes, driving to planning meetings, and reading through timelines and contracts can start to take its toll! So, here are my favorite podcasts to entertain you while planning your perfect day!

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