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The Deal Behind First Look Photos

Everyone who has ever been in a wedding, attended a wedding, or has ever watched a wedding in a movie could tell you this one- It's bad luck for a groom to see his bride in her wedding dress before the wedding. Some perceive this as a romantic gesture, while others see it as a superstition. However, the origin of this tradition has almost nothing to do with romantic gestures or superstitions.

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Featured: Classic Meets Modern on Swooned

We are still swooning over this end of summer Southern shoot! Every detail was dripping with southern charm creating a sophisticated affair. A timeless silver tablescape was accented with pops of blue and a low lush floral arrangement. Mint Juleps served on a natural wood bar were the perfect charming refreshment for this summer soiree. And not to mention, the white wood barn was abundant in natural light, creating the most stunning backdrop for this southern couple. See the full feature on Swooned

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