The Deal Behind First Look Photos


The hesitation:

Everyone who has ever been in a wedding, attended a wedding, or has ever watched a wedding in a movie could tell you this one- It's bad luck for a groom to see his bride in her wedding dress before the wedding. Some perceive this as a romantic gesture, while others see it as a superstition. However, the origin of this tradition has almost nothing to do with romantic gestures or superstitions.

The origin:

This tradition started back when arranged marriages were common, and marriages were seen as a  merging of wealth or property between two families. It became common for the bride to be kept away from the groom before the wedding day, in fear he would see her, change his mind and call off the wedding. How romantic! It then became common for it to be ‘bad luck’ for the groom to see the bride in her dress before she was to walk down the aisle.

The solution:

This superstition has only recently started to lose its meaning as we have seen more couples opt for a ‘first look’ session before the ceremony starts. First look photos are exactly what they sound like- an opportunity for the groom to see the bride, and for the photographer to capture that raw and true reaction of the first time he sees his soon-to-be wife in her wedding gown. Additionally, first look sessions free up time between ceremony and reception when taking wedding pictures is traditionally done, and allow the couple to have an intimate quiet moment together before the reception starts. A win-win!

Real Weddings: First Looks


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