6 Unique Ways to Add More Flowers to Your Wedding

You know that saying “less is more?” I want you to forget that, because when it comes to wedding flowers, more is absolutely more! If I could put flowers on everything I would (and sometimes I have!). Although flowers are a big expense, they are the number one thing that will make the biggest impact at your wedding! There is no such thing as too many flowers. So here’s how to incorporate flowers into your wedding in ways you didn’t even know you could!

Floral Halo

A floral halo refers to what most would describe as a ring or a hoop made entirely of flowers. Halos are by far my favorite floral statement piece, because.. I mean just look at it!!


Besides being absolutely stunning, adding flowers to a staircase will do one other very important thing… create an incredible photo opportunity for you and your guest #picsoritdidn’thappen


Being in the South, we tend to want to monogram everything. And in weddings, we tend to want to put flowers on everything… so put the two together and you get something awesome!


Whether your venue naturally has tress (you know, like in nature) or you bring in your own trees (yes, this is an option), there is always a way to give them a little extra umph!


Flowers coming from the ceiling? Why not?!


Man’s best friend deserves to be included in the floral fun!

*You can discover all of the florists who created these amazing pieces by clicking the image and following the link!

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