10 Vintage Engagement Rings to Make you Swoon


With the upcoming holidays, expect to see a lot of love going around and a lot of loved ones on one knee. Here are my favorite vintage engagement rings that will make you swoon!


Let's start simple:

These beautiful vintage engagement rings let their simplicity speak for themselves. I think there is something so romantic about a simple stone and a band without all the bells and whistles. 

All squared away: 

I love these edgy (pun intended!) engagement rings that are reminiscent of the art-deco era. I'd like to think Gatsby would have bought one of these! 

Love comes in all shapes & sizes:

No two love stories are the same, and these vintage rings are as unique and romantic as you and your fiance's love. 

I'm a sucker for Sapphires:

It might be my inner Kate Middleton speaking, but I think there is something so stunning about a sapphire ring. After looking at these, how could you not agree? 

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Image Credits: Trumpet & Horn // Doyle & Doyle // Pinterest 

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