Gifts for your Gals: Fun and Alternative Bridesmaids Gifts

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If you’re getting married and didn’t give your bridesmaids some Pinterest worthy present, does it even count?  

Your bridesmaids are the girls who will give up an entire weekend to make sure you look pretty and to hold your dress when you pee… So you better believe they deserve a kick-ass gift! If you want to avoid the generic “bridesmaids/bride tribe/I-do crew” t-shirt that will inevitably end up in their pile of sleep shirts, here are some gifts that are sure to make your bridezilla moments worth it:


Personalized Wine Glass: if your friends are anything like mine, then I’m sure they appreciate a fun girl’s night with a bottle (ok, more like 3 bottles) of wine. A personalized wine glass is guaranteed to get some good use with this group of girls. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can pick up some wine glasses and decorate them yourself (a perfect excuse for a Michael’s trip). But, if you weren’t blessed with artistic skill, you can easily order some wine glasses on Etsy, or even ask your calligrapher to make some for you. Either way, this gift can be enjoyed long after your big day.


Tote Bags: It’s no secret that every girl needs a good canvas tote bag. This bridal party gift is ideal for weekend bachelorette trips, just stuff that bag with a bathing suit, some sun screen, maybe a copy of 50 Shades of Grey, and you guys are set for the perfect girls weekend! Try to avoid putting wedding-related phrases on the bag so they can use it even after the bachelorette party hangover wears off.

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“Getting ready” outfit:

As much as you love your bridesmaids, do you really trust them to look picture worthy in the morning? Sure your fabulous hair and makeup team will work their magic, but go the extra mile and treat your bridal party to a cute outfit that will make those ‘getting ready’ pictures even better! This can be as simple as matching robes or rompers, or even monogrammed shirts for everyone. And don’t forget to get one for yourself, you should be looking nothing but fabulous on your big day!


Bridal Party Planners: With all the chaos that comes along with planning a wedding, there are endless details and appointments you and your bridal party need to keep track of. Gifting your bridesmaids a planner is the perfect way to ensure everyone is up to date on all the fun wedding festivities you have planned. Pick up some cute planners (you would not believe how pretty they make planners these days) and fill it out beforehand with all the important dates: dress fittings, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc.  Now your bridal party can count down the days until your wedding with you!

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