Vendor Highlight: Loft22 Cakes


Tareka Lofton of Loft22 Cakes has been designing colorful and unique cakes since 2013, in addition to opening a brand new storefront in Fort Worth this year. She has created an urban laid-back neighborhood bakery where anyone can pop in and enjoy some of her amazing creations.  

As someone who loves creative business names, I was excited to discover Tareka's purpose for naming her business Loft22. She explained that "Loft" comes from her vision of owning an urban bakery with people living in a loft above her and walking their dogs along the streets- which is exactly what she has brought to life with her Fort Worth storefront. The "22" originates from Tareka's birthday- September 22nd. I think Tareka explained it beautifully when she stated "Loft22 is me doing what I was born to do. Passion and Purpose." 

Something Tareka and I have in common is we both come from families of entrepreneurs. She always knew she wanted to be her own boss, and followed down the path of designing cakes. This allowed her to pursue her love of art, as well as her desire to be a business owner.

The reason I love the designs at Loft22 is because Tareka is not afraid to create a totally new and unique design for her brides. She strives to make each wedding cake personal to the couple and not just another product of a pinterest board.

When it comes to giving advice to brides, Tareka always says to keep an open mind. Giving up a certain level of control when it comes to designing your cake allows for a truly unique and custom cake! Outside of weddings, you can find Tareka shopping at farmers markets or enjoying local street festivals. If you have the time, stop by her bakery and see for yourself why her cakes are one of a kind! 

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