Flower Donation Services Dallas

“What happens to all of these flowers at the end of the night?”

We get asked this question at every wedding, and now we finally have a good answer- “the flowers are being donated!”

What we Do:

We arrive at your venue when all the dancing is done and the party is over to collect your beautiful wedding flowers. We will repurpose your flowers into new and fresh individual arrangements, and donate them to a charity of your choice with a hand written note from the new “Mr. and Mrs.”

charities to choose from:

Dallas Charities:

Fort Worth Charities:




Frequently asked Questions:

How big will the arrangements be/what will they look like?: 

The repurposed arrangements will be the size of a small bridesmaids bouquet to fit into individual bouquet vases provided by Sistered States. These sized arrangements have on average around 15 roses. 

When will they be delivered/how will I know? 

Sistered States will deliver your donated arrangements within 48 hours of your event and send you a picture confirmation of your flowers being delivered via email or text! (We will try to send some pictures of smiling recipients if possible but have to adhere to HIPPA and privacy laws)

Will my florist have to come and clean up still? 

Yes- your florist will need to return at the end of the night to collect their vases, candles, trash, and/or any other decor items. We will only be taking flowers from your venue and will communicate this to your florist prior to your event date!

What if I want to donate to a charity that isn’t listed on your site?

If there is a charity that is special to you that is not on our list, let us know! We are happy to deliver to a cause close to your heart. Just give us at least a 10 day heads up so we can contact and coordinate with the charity of your choice. 

How long will my flowers last after the wedding?

Donated flowers can last up to 7 days after a wedding! We will collect the freshest flowers at the end of the night, cut the stems, and place them in fresh water to make sure they last long enough to spread some smiles!