A Wedding Inspired by Taylor Swift's New Single- ME!

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably seen Taylor Swift’s new music video for her single ME! And whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit it has some serious color inspo! So for all you swifty fans out there, here is how to design a wedding inspired by ME!

The Design Board

*Pictures found from Pinterest

*Pictures found from Pinterest

The Colors

The music video for ME! was filled with a rainbow of stunning pastels! To avoid your wedding looking like a literal rainbow, make sure to stick to the shades of the core colors: pink, blue, yellow- and then feel free to incorporate them into everything (even your wedding dress)!

The Cats

If you are a true Taylor fan, you know she is a self proclaimed cat lady! And you know when she eventually does get married, her cats will be present. There are so many ways to incorporate your furry friends in your big day, whether it be an illustration on your invitation or a special cocktail named after them!

The Butterflies

It is pretty much assumed that the butterfly is the symbol of Taylor’s new album. They represent a new era of light and love, and what better symbol to incorporate into your big day!

The Macaroons

Not only are the macaroons a perfect chance to incorporate all those gorgeous colors, but they are also the perfect nod to France *cue Taylor’s opening French monologue

And if you are in fact living under a rock and have not seen the video yet, check it out here and be inspired!