The Best Podcasts To Get You Through Wedding Planning

Let’s face it, as fun as planning a wedding can be, there are definitely some times it feels more tedious than exciting. Hours of stuffing and sealing envelopes, driving to planning meetings, and reading through timelines and contracts can start to take its toll! So, here are my favorite podcasts to entertain you while planning your perfect day!

Mystery Podcasts

It’s no secret that everyone is currently obsessed with murder mysteries, whether it be Netflix specials, scripted series, or podcasts! My two favorite mystery podcasts are My Favorite Murder and Crime Junkie

Series Podcasts

If you are a pro at netflix binging, get ready to podcast binge! My favorite series podcasts for telling a story and building suspense are Dirty John, Dr. Death, and Cold.

Celebrity/Pop Culture Podcasts

If murder and mystery aren’t your thing, you might want to try out some pop culture podcasts that will keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world while you are consumed with planning! My favorite pop culture podcast is The Morning Toast.

Inspirational Podcasts

And lastly, wedding planning can sometimes get a little overwhelming and you might need to take some time to cleanse your mind or listen to something uplifting! My favorite podcast for clearing my mind is Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations.