How to Find your Dream Team of Vendors


When planning your wedding, vendors will make or break your experience! It is always worth your time and money to find a team of vendors that you love and trust! 

Now you need to do your homework and find an amazing team of vendors to bring your vision to life. You have spent so much time dreaming up the perfect wedding day, so you don't want the wrong choice in vendors to negate all that work. Here are some tips and tricks of the trade to help: 


Decisiveness is your friend

The first thing I do when planning my vendors is make sure I have a clear and concise idea of what I want from each vendor. For example, the flowers- do I want them traditional and structured, or loose and organic, bright pops of color or muted neutrals... ask yourself these questions when it comes to every vendor you might need. This will actually help with narrowing down your choices as each vendor tends to have a different style, so look for the ones who have a portfolio in the style you want.


Instagram is the new Google

Once you have a clear idea of what you want, it is time to do a little exploring. If you or your planner has a team of vendors you like and trust, start there! My favorite go to place to find vendors is instagram- for two reasons. 1. The wedding industry is so active on instagram that practically everything is at your fingertips, just start searching hashtags and fall down that rabbit hole. 2. You want to use vendors with good social media presence. Vendors who have a strong instagram or social media show the pride they take in your work and making each event unique- they will do the same for your wedding!


Work smarter, not harder

When I am looking for my team of vendors, I like to let others do the work for me (because why work harder than you have to, right?). What I do is follow some of my favorite wedding planners/florists/photographers in the area, scroll through their feed and see who they have used and tagged in their photos. From there, you have a plethora of vendors- from rental companies, to calligraphers, to bridal salons. And trust me, you will not believe how many items from how many vendors you will need for a wedding.


Once you have assembled your dream team, the hardest part is over and you can get excited about how amazing your wedding is going to be! When you work with awesome people, you get awesome results. 


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