Bachelorette Beach Getaway

Almost every girl grows up dreaming of her wedding day- what dress she will wear, what her cake will look like, what her first dance will be. But, there comes a time where that little girl grows up, and starts dreaming of her bachelorette party! 

Bachelorette parties are an age old tradition, and most commonly associated with groups of girls in sashes and wild nights in Vegas. If you are anything like me, the idea of a drunken night in the club ending with my stilettos in my hand and a horrid hangover does not sound appealing. I am more of a sip wine on the beach in my comfy sweater and eat exorbitant amounts of gourmet food kind of girl. That is why, I am here to tell you, it is OKAY to opt for a low-key bachelorette party! A great alternative to the usual Bachelorette party is a Beach getaway for you and your girls! Picture waking up to an ocean view, walks along the beach, sea-side massages, and coastal sunsets. The stress of wedding planning and starting a new life will build, and a relaxing bachelorette party will be the perfect way for you to de-stress. The activity possibilities are endless- yoga on the beach, paddle boarding, spa treatments, etc. Being from Southern California, I can attest to the healing powers of a sunset picnic on the beach with your BFFs. 

Don't feel obligated to have a bachelorette party filled with Jello shots and strippers if it is not something you truly want! (**If it is, then absolutely go for it, and please save me a seat at the Chippendales show). The time leading up to your wedding should be all about you, so make sure your bachelorette party reflects that! 


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