10 Random Things You Are Going To Forget To Do On Your Wedding Day

It is no lie that wedding days are absolute chaos! With many moving parts and a million little details, it is easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Here is everything you should consider before the big day so that the day will be as perfect as possible!

  1. Snacks

    If you are as food obsessed as I am, you are probably thinking “there is no way I will forget to eat, are you kidding me?” But guess what, you will! Especially if you don’t have arrangements for food throughout the day! Who will be bringing snacks/breakfast/lunch for you and the bridesmaids while you get ready that morning? Will there be time to eat before the reception? Will you be able to take any food to the hotel with you? Wedding days are loooong days, the last thing you need is someone passing out from starvation during the ceremony!

  2. The marriage license

    Make sure you either get your marriage license signed at the rehearsal (strongly suggest) or put it in your timeline to set aside a time for the officiant to sign it otherwise I promise you it will be forgotten.

  3. The rings

    Who is in charge of bringing the rings to the ceremony? Will your photographer have access to the rings to take pictures of? Do you trust your best man to carry the rings all day? All very important questions that should be answered BEFORE you walk down the aisle!

  4. Personal belongings

    Where will you and your wedding party be able to leave your personal belongings all day? Are you getting ready at the venue? Are you getting ready at a hotel room and need to bring your belongings to each location? Is there a specific person in charge of bringing all those belongings from place to place for you?

  5. Bathroom

    Nature calls, even on your wedding day. Make sure you use the restroom before you put your dress on, and have a designated bridesmaid to help hold up the dress if you have to go throughout the night

  6. Baskets

    If you have any sort of party favor (sparklers, foam sticks, glow sticks, etc.) you are going to need a way to pass them out, make sure you or your venue provides a basket for easy transportation of all the party goods!

  7. Your garter

    If you do not want to wear your garter all day, make sure you have a designated bridesmaid or wedding planner that will remind you to put on your toss garter 10 min before the garter toss. There is nothing more awkward than a groom looking for a garter that is not there.

  8. Hotel Room

    While you are busy partying, who is going to check into your hotel room? Are you going to do a late night check in? Does your hotel know this?

  9. Your dress bag

    You wake up the morning after your wedding with your new husband, and what do you take your dress home in? Carry it out to the car in your hands? Make sure your dress garment bag is in the getaway car at the end of the night so you have something to put your dress in!

  10. End of the night

    You will be off in a hotel room with your new hubby, but everything that goes in to your venue has to come out at the end of the night! Who will be taking home all your decor, extra cake, extra flowers, wedding gifts, veil, bouquet, etc? While its typically a parent or a member of the wedding party, make sure this person knows they are responsible for taking all the items home and that they have enough room in their cars. Also make sure the bakery or venue or caterer has extra boxes for things like your anniversary tier, extra cake, extra food, etc.

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